Slanted Doors

by Pine Away

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released March 9, 2011

Recorded in late February, early March 2011 by Peter Avery at Secret, Secret in San Francisco. Pine Away is Brandt, Jeremy and Pete. contact or visit



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Pine Away San Francisco

Pine Away no longer exists. Their record and new stuff can be found at

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Track Name: This is a Transfer Point
From this hilltop the skyline is laid out for me
with City Hall lit up like a christmas tree
and it is right here that I resolve to
never let those little fuckers take this park away from me

From this bus seat the mass conscience is a mystery
but I care not what they think of me
because it is right here that I'll respond with
a rude gesture for your running commentary
Track Name: Oh Shit Man, I'm Totally Fucking Sorry
This right here may very well take more balls than shitting in the bathroom of the public library down at the Civic Center but not nearly as much as walking out that front entrance to buy pills from some guy in the park across the street

Oh shit man, I'm totally fucking sorry
Track Name: Slanted Doors
Down on Valencia they've turned streets into parking lots
with the future of the upper middle class
and everyone who is anything
bringing nothing but nothing to this neighborhood

Coming down from your hilltop homes
to descend upon the bars and the boutiques
that now line these once feared streets
and you call a weekend retreat

As you kick aside the little bits of filth
that have been left over
you can call it quaint like a fixer-upper
then pass right on by, stare lovingly at your wife
and say that it's safe to say that you feel much safer

One day this will all revert back to what it once was and jogging strollers will turn into shopping carts swiped from a local Safeway parking lot and filled with thrift store rejects, books, video cassettes, but not strewn about the sidewalk like an open air market because there will be a distinct lack of 20 or 30 somethings with extra cash in their pockets

And one day this will all revert back to what it once was and sipping cocktails in restaurant windows on 17th Street may not be your best bet for first dates and lasting impressions because all the bleach in the city won't clean the shit stains off of Hoff Street and yoga studios will not provide inner peace for the laddies turning tricks out in front of El Castillito

And one day this will all revert back to what it once was and all of your affluence won't mean anything, slanted doors don't mean anything, slanted doors don't scare me, slanted doors, you don't scare me

You don't scare me